Nursery visit to the Zoo

Our Term 3 theme was on “Wild Animals”. Based on this theme, a visit to the Singapore Zoo was arranged. The field trip to the zoo exposed children to observe the various animals’ features, habitats and the food they consume. It was a reinforcement of what they have learnt in the classroom. Children were taken for a walk to look at the animals. During the walk, they watched Orang-utan’s swinging.

Haze Advisory

Dear Parents, 1. Our kindergarten will remain open on Fri, 25 September 2015 for both sessions. In view of the deterioration of the haze situation, all lessons and programmes in our kindergarten will be scaled down and all outdoor activities for the children will be put on hold. Our kindergarten is committed to ensure the children are safe in school by taking all necessary Haze measures. 2. Do take note,.

Lantern Night

Come and celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with us, try your hand at the mooncake making workshop and many other fun traditional games. Sign Up for various contests and win attractive prizes! Venue: Marymount Kindergarten Date: 25 & 26 September 2015 Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM See you there.

Welcome back to school

We warmly welcome you and your child back to school after the second term holidays. We hope you have a great time bonding as a family. As we have some new students in Term 2, below are some information which serves as reminders and news to you and our new parents. We also look forward to another exciting and fruitful term with your child. 1. Fee payment Invoice for Term.


每一年的开学,小班的课室都会发出阵阵的“乐声”此起彼落的……。一张张稚嫩的小脸儿,一把眼泪一把鼻涕地哭喊着……,老师们都忙着又哄又擦的,自己却汗流浃背……。 做为幼儿教师本身就不是件容易的事,而要看顾教导小班的老师更是任 务艰巨。她们得安抚那些新入园的小宝贝们,使这些幼儿有安全感,继而能开心地学习。 玛丽蒙幼稚园幼儿组的老师们,个个经验丰富;在她们使出浑身解术之后,幼儿们的哭闹声已渐渐的被孩子们天真的嬉笑声和活泼的歌声所取代了。 新入园的幼儿哭闹是很正常的现象,毕竟他们才两岁多。 因为要离开父母到一个全然陌生的环境,与那么多的陌生人接触,焦虑和害怕是在所难免的。老师们给与幼儿满满的爱心与耐心,使他们有安全感以至于他们喜欢上学,快乐地学习,与同伴开心的一起玩乐。 请感受幼儿组老师们爱的力量吧! By the PreNursery Chinese Team

K1 Educational Talk

Toa Payoh Neighbourhood Police In line with their learning theme on ‘Occupations’, the K1 teachers invited the police officers from the Toa Payoh Neighbourhood Police Force to give a talk and demonstration to the children. From the way the children asked questions and gave their answers, we could tell that they were totally exhilarated by the appearance of the men and woman in white and blue uniforms. The children even.

凯歌辞旧岁 劲舞迎新春 2015

2月18日,玛丽蒙幼稚园的全体老师和小朋友在欢乐祥和的气氛中迎来一年一度的华人新年庆祝活动。 随着农历羊年的到来,为了让小朋友们更好地了解华人新年的知识,感受新年的氛围,老师们早早地为小朋友们准备了“庆祝华人新年”主题的应景春节饰品。丰富逼真的内容、新颖独特的形式,为整个校园增添了浓浓的节日气息。小朋友们也都穿着传统的新年服装,处处彰显着祥和的喜庆魅力、洋溢着欢乐的节日气氛。 庆祝活动以小朋友们喜闻乐见的方式为他们介绍了华人新年的来历,以及人们传统的庆祝方式。全体华文老师为小朋友们表演了欢快的拜年舞蹈,小朋友们在老师的带领下用英文和华文两种语言高唱贺岁歌曲,最后,小朋友们即兴表演的舞龙舞狮活动,把整个庆祝会推向了高潮。 华人新年的庆祝是玛丽蒙幼稚园非常重视的一项传统活动,除了新年庆祝会,每个班级还以观看电视节目、制作贺岁手工等多种多样的方式为小朋友们介绍这一华人最重视的传统节日。这些丰富多彩的活动使小朋友们了解到更多的中华传统文化,感受体验了华人新年节日的吉祥与快乐,增强了小朋友学习华语的兴趣和积极性。