Trip to Changi Airport

In lieu with our theme “Transportation”, the nursery teachers decided to go on a field trip to Changi Airport on 24th and 25th April 2014. We believe that a school field trip to the Changi Airport would expand students’ knowledge as it builds on classroom learning. The week before the trip, teachers talked about the air transports and showed pictures of aeroplanes with different airlines logos like Singapore airlines, Thai.

K1 Field Trip to Butterfly Park

The K1 children from Peace, Joy and Faith classes kicked off term 2 with an interesting theme, “Birds and Insects”. The objective of this theme is to create awareness and understanding of various birds and insects in our environment. In order to make learning fun and interesting, children visited the Butterfly Park at Sentosa on the 3rd and 4th of April. We were blessed with a beautiful day and arrived.

Play is fun and meaningful

Teachers and parents need to appreciate that learning is not an isolated practice nor it is only content knowledge and subject-based. It is about a whole –child concept. The whole child concept emphasises the complete integration of cognitive, emotional, moral, social and physical capabilities which play can cater to. Play is voluntary, meaningful, symbolic, rule-governed, pleasurable and episodic. Play does not provide a concrete, tangible, or academic end product that.


爆竹声声辞旧岁!在欢歌笑语中我们迎来了万马奔腾的一年。 华人新年是华人的传统节日,也是华人最大、最受重视的节日。 华人新年历经15天,从初一到十五。这是一个举国欢庆的日子,也是家人相聚的日子,游子们从四面八方赶回来与父母家人团聚。人们在张灯结彩大肆庆祝的同时,也不曾忘记拿着两个桔子和红包互赠祝福,献出关怀。每个人都希望能在新的一年里带来“新年新气象”、“新年好运来”。 我们的学校也融入到这欢庆的气氛中。我们的孩子们做了一幅幅承载着美好祝福的春联;也用灵巧的双手做了各种各样的新年装饰品,用它们来“打扮”自己的课室。当然,孩子们也在课室里敲起了锣鼓,练习舞狮和舞龙,以便在庆祝新年活动时,更能发挥所学的技能。 除夕那天的庆祝活动更是把节日的气氛推向高潮。老师和同学们都穿上华人的传统服装,笑盈盈地庆新年。老师和同学们齐上阵,载歌载舞迎马年。 华文老师用曼妙的舞姿来贺新年,惊艳全场!中班及大班小朋友们妙趣横生的舞龙、舞狮及大头娃娃的表演,更是博得阵阵的掌声。小班的小朋友笑嘻嘻地双手合拢,恭喜大家马年如意! 在欢愉之中,我们不仅感受到热闹的节日气息,更感受到传统习俗在潜移默化中根植到孩子们的心中,这才是过新年真正的意义所在!

Welcome back!

We warmly welcome you and your child back to school after the year-end holidays. We hope you have a great time bonding as a family. For those who are new to Marymount Kindergarten, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Marymount family. We thank you for making Marymount Kindergarten a school of your choice. We look forward to an exciting and fruitful term with your child. You.

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